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1. Well, I think any "one turn", linear, 10k should be OK. I used carbon/graphite ones - just like for the usual volume control.
2. There's no "male to male" connector as the socket in the DSP is female. Any male 12 pin Micro Match will be ok. The only difference will be how you connect your wires to the plug. (ribbon / solder etc.)
3. It's dependant on the positioning of the socket on the DSP - as you can see the pin 12 is on the left in P-DSP and NOX4 but it's on the right in C-DSP. The pin 12 will always be on the side with the "gap".
Thanks. Yes I meant the male plug! Think i'm going to go for ribbon and i understand the pin positioning now Just wish Helix made it clear on the schematic.