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Hanatsu, et al -

A lot of this is over my head, so please be patient with my questions.

I read through the APL website and even tried looking at the patent. For me, the best overall explanation of what TDA, and APL are doing is here -> Acoustic Power Lab :: SPFR

The various descriptions make it sound as if multiple measure points are being used but from what I read above, Hanatsu implies the mic is placed on the head rest and the SW does the rest.

Please clarify this. Is the measurement mic moved around when using the all-in-one APL correction box, or is it kept in one place? If it is kept in one place, then is the SW using time-gates and FIR to create a *virtual* multi-point measurement set?

Again, sorry if above is using technically incorrect terminology, I'm just trying to wrap my head around what this stuff is doing and why it is different.

*** EDIT: I see upon more careful review that I got confused between TDA and APL. Most of my questions were answered in Hanatsu's APL Review thread. ***
Time domain can only be measured in one point in space. Corrections in the FR need to be averaged over a number of points though.