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This was originally sold to soccerguru. It did not function properly. I refunded his money, and sent this in to Spectronix for repair. I am including a picture of the invoice, and the work performed. As you can see, there was substantial work done to bring this amplifier back up to its original specs. Cosmetically, it is a work of art, and its condition is as such. I'd rate it 9/10 to be conservative. It comes with the crate, and an outer box. The tech who repaired this amp (and you can see the several days of testing done on it, for 2-3 hours each day) has been in the car amp repair field for over 25 years. He stayed in weekly contact with me through the process.

As you can see on the invoice, Spectronix gives a 30 day warranty as long as this is installed by a certified shop. Given the repairs and the testing, I am selling this as is. I will not be responsible for shoddy installations. You buy it, you buy it. It is coming from the shop tomorrow, and will take several days to get to me. I will then ship it out, without opening it, to the buyer. I will send the invoice for the repairs performed along with the amp. I asked the tech to go through it thoroughly and replace ANY part that looked like it might be operating out of spec or fail in the near future, which he did, and this is noted on the invoice for repair.

You are getting a piece of car audio history, an absolute monster of an amplifier, brought completely back up to original specs.


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