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I would in a heartbeat with your speakers. I would put money on the fact if you just yanked those PDX amps and replaced them with Zeros that you would be blown away by how much you were missing and by how much louder the system can get.

All around just a wonderful line of amplifiers.
I'm very, very tempted to try them. It seems like everybody that runs Mosconi amps love them but I like the fact that I have 3000+ watts in a foot print that basically amounts to third of a cu ft. and the power efficiency of class d is nice. I'm also reminded of the fact these 2nd gen PDX amps haven't done too badly on the SQ scene, like for example when Gary Summers won nationals a few years back in his Mercedes using all PDX amplification.
I think when I get to the point in my new build where I've taken my current gear as far as I can with install and tuning and I get the itch to switch things up I'll def be looking at changing the amps. I'll also be in a much better position then to gauge the sq difference if I make a change after I'm fully accustomed to how my system sounds as apposed to doing it now when I'll be installing everything into a totally new car, ie environment.