I wired a 20/30 amp 5 prong relay in as follows:

Cut the wire from iginition (to starter) & wired the iginition end to 30 & the starter end to 87a

From the Ungo alarm there is a 500ma negative trigger when active which is wired to position 85

Position 86 has 12v+ from the ignition (only when ignition is on) & also goes back to the Ungo brain for 12V ignition input.

This is exactly how the Ungo (MS8300) installation guide says to wire the relay but for whatever reason it is NOT killing the starter when the alarm is active.

I have triple checked the following:
relay is receiving the negative trigger when the alarm is activated.
12v ignition is making it back to the Ungo brain
I did cut the correct starter wire (doesn't turn over when relay is removed).
I even tried swapping the relay with another.

Any idea why the relay is not killing the starter when the alarm is active? I am totally stumped.


PS the subject vehicle is a 1989 VW Vanagon in case that matters. I don't think it does.