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The thing is, those MS275s would be a lot closer to the ratings of the high/midrange.

I didn't consider installing a second battery though. I had the sub stage running in my 3 series without any issues on the single battery in the trunk. Do you think adding another amp that puts out MAX 350RMS (otherwise the front stage will start burning) would overwhelm the electrical on that car??
IMO, no need to match the power rating of the Be7.
I ran the W3Be and TBe on 125 watts per speaker with no issues.
Because the TBe is 6 ohm, 125 watts is only about 67 watts. Still well above the 15 watt rating.

Set your gains properly and you'll get the watts and not blow the speakers.

On batteries I would look at the systems current draw and what my batteries and/or alternator can support and how much engine off listening you plan to do. More current draw and more engine off listening require more batteries.