I'm glad that you're okay?? I know that can be.

If you want my vote, I would look into the Mazda 6. They are offering some DEEP discounts on them right now and some nice rebates direct from Mazda.

Easy car to work on SQ wise. 5x7" in the front doors, deep, factory 9" opening on the rear deck for the Blowz Sub.

Plus, you can get a Mazda 6 "S" model with the V6 and manual for a very nice price right now. They are not selling. I'd say around 21K out the door for a sticker price of 27-28K loaded out.

Altima is night and day SE V6 vs. 4cyl. Plus the SE with the one option package with everying is like 4K-sticker close to 30K Way over price.

No real discounts on Hondas right now, but you couldn't go wrong with either one..Civic EX or Accord EX-

Camry is kinda boring vanilla- rental car like..no real sport to it for your price range

VW.....Jetta with the turbo 4 is real nice, but over your budget. The other models with the 5cyl are a little gruff and slow.

Mazda 3 is nice..discounts on them as well. Mazda 3 with the 5 door is nice and fits under your 20K budget.