If you can stand the stigma of driving a Kia, the Optima would be my choice over the Camry, Jetta, 6 and perhaps the Altima. Honestly, Kia has turned out some real turds in the pre Hyundai buyout, but the Optima is really a tough piece of work.

Main reasons the Op get's my vote: The interior makes the Camry, Altima and 6 seem like a last gen Stratus in tactile quality. Jetta is arguably better now, but in three years all the pretty low gloss painted plastics gain a lustre that gives the interior more of an "experienced" look. That's if it doesn't wear or chip off altogether. Altima, meh. Looks good drifting in the commercials, but drives just ok and the interior is decidedly low rent. Mazda 6 is on "fire sale" for a reason, the next one looks badass!

The Op can also be found pretty easily in a 5 speed transmission and they have tasty rebates/financiang offers right now. The GEMA 4 cylinder engine is a real smoothie and it's use beyond Hyundai/Kia will insure good parts availability if you drive it past the 100k warranty.

Camry is the LeSabre of the new millenium, don't ya know!