Yeap, unfortunately so.

Again, might be my particular market.

And I've been flirting with the carputer thing for a couple of years now...and if there is any person who really really wanted it to be a "simple" solution, it would be me. I really hate having to take all of my CDs around with me. I only use the digital input on the Rane, and if there was a way I could get everything in one place AND keep it all in a digital output AND keep the files uncompressed...well, it wouldn't take much to get me onboard. Maybe a couple of years a go I would/could have put up with the fickle nature of the beast, but right now I'm tired of special this and that, and I just want crap to work the first time without any headaches.

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Are you serious?
They would be collectors items here.
It would cost me more to put my computer in the garbage than what i could sell it for here. this ones a P4 2.6 with 2 gigs of memory, only way I would get anything for it, is someone wanted the genuine XP on it.