Today was one step forward and two steps back. Sigh...

I got the Audax 7's in and running off the bridged 300/4, they'll be switched to a smaller amp when I get the 8's in.

Drivers door:

With an old door panel on:

A zooming out:

Passenger side done:

Now I can get new door panels and mounting hardware.

I also threw my GTI's in a prefab box and swapped them for the ID Max 12's.

Terrible picture:

I reset all the EQ's and left the time alignment and gains alone, though I haven't REALLY set the gains properly anyway. I high passed the Audax at 250 @48db and low passed them at 1600 @24db. I changed the high pass on the horns from 800 to 1600 @24db

Then I went for a quick spin. The horns and Audax blend so damn well together, it's like they were meant for each other. Just splendid.

The subs were sounding for for about five minutes, then the amp went into protect. I disconnected the subs and it still goes into protect right away. The funny thing is, I went from a 1 ohm load to a 1.5, so it should have been easier on the amp. I was contemplating buying a bigger sub amp anyway...

If that was bad enough, about two blocks from home something in the dash let out the magic smoke. I don't know what it was, everything still works. I pulled the dash panels and cap and inspected everything, it looks fine. I really don't know what it was.

I pulled the 800PRS anyway, tomorrow I'll add the parts to go digital from my phone to the processor. I hope I get that done tomorrow, in less than I week I leave on tour and won't get back 'til the end of July.