I started today my putting my DMM on the subs, sure enough, one has a bad coil. The sub amp is still going into protect, even with no speakers connected to it.

I pulled the bad sub and boxed it back up. I put the one good sub on my old trusty MTX RT2400. Since I'll be replacing the sub amp, it's tempting to rethink the whole amp setup.

All of this stuff made it's way into the Bronco today:

Here is the list of parts:

CableJive Lighting extension cable
Apple Lightning to HDMI dongle
Apple Lighting cable for power
Sanus HDMI cable
KanexPro audio de-embedder
Homemade RG-59 with RCA ends
StarTech.com 4-port USB 3 hub
Switchcraft USB pass though port

I have the same USB 3 hub in my nightstand and it works great. It can work off BUS power, a 12v wall wart and has a phoenix plug that accepts 7-24vdc. It will charge devices even with no computer plugged in. I need all four ports, one for the DEQ.8, one for the Holley Terminator, one to charge the phone, and one to power the HDMI Audio Stripper.

I wanted to do something similar to the Papasin Smart Car, but I don't need video. So I found a single port stripper on Amazon that defaults to two channel audio unless it gets a 5.1 signal. The USB to power adapter was found on Amazon as well. I ordered a bunch of different cables and just tried them out to see what works. It doesn't need much power, my laptop can power both the hub and audio stripper off of one port. It also disables the volume control on the phone.

I found this Switchcraft panel mount connector on Amazon as well. Most of my gear at work that has custom patch panels have Switchcraft connectors, they are VERY durable. Here it is mounted in the old cigarette lighter hole, it took a little work with a dremel to make it fit perfectly.

The Apple Lightning to HDMI dongle is zip tied snugly to the main dash harness above a gauges. It's still easy to get to if needed.

The USB hub and audio stripper are on the other side of the dash. If anything stops working, I can easily pop the top of the dash off and see all the LED's to see what's up.

A DIYMA member made this panel for me. I wanted to mimic the shaft radio look, mostly for simplicity, and as a theft deterrent. When you don't have a real roof, that kinda stuff matters!

Four screws do a good enough job of holding it in place. The old DIN mount dash kit is still in place and supports it nicely.

And here it is all together. When I first fired it up I had no sound. I unplugged the RG59 cable and plugged in a StreetWires UTP cable I had and it worked. So I ran it properly and all is well now. When I get back from the tour I'll make a new cable that matches my existing custom RCA's. I have a Switchcraft panel mount 3.5mm stereo input that I still need to install, in the meantime I have a 3.5mm to RCA cable coiled up in the glovebox.

I gotta do something about those terrible looking dash panels!