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I had the sub muted.
I would start to look at AFR graph. Improving the frequency response of the selected channel (left or right) by EQ might make the time delay more smooth. Then test once more time and open DFR graph to define values of time alignment needed for every speaker. The goal is to optimize the system in the way when sound from different speakers will arive at the same time. I am talking here about impulse start (arriving start time), not peaks , in order to avoid pre-ringing and the low end. It is important for natural sounding of your system. For TW, mids and MB try to make DFR curve close to 0ms. For subwoofer - the sound should arrive simultaniosly with other speakers, not before. Typically it is much later for SW placed in a trunk, and even worse for a complicated box like 4. or 6. order bandpass.

What are TA settings for these graphs?