I have here 2 quotes/estimates... one of them is from an audio parts wharehouse who gave me great prices on JL & Infinity products, he recomended after I told him how I wanted my car to sound.. about $1,500 for the parts only..... I spoke with 2 installers, one local guy with a good reputation asked for 1,500 for labor and to make custom boxes,etc... another guy asked only 850 although I trust the first guy more

the 2nd quote is from a local audio shop, he quoted about $1,500 for parts AND labor, this guy has his own shop with a good reputation, but Im afraid that the reason his estimate is so low is because he is using lower quality, lower end products, and I dont want to be dissapointed with the final outcome... I want amazing sound...

which products are high end better quality and will give me the best sound?

Also, the reason I'm even considering doing the rear seat bottom speakrs is because I dont want to modify the beautiful door panels and also I was told theres not enough space in the doors since the window rolls down all the way, so I want good sound without the door panel speakers, so 2 kick panel speakers, 2 under the seat, and the 2 original speakers replaced (the one in the dash and the one that goes between the reart seat headrests)

Im open to ideas, suggestions