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I think I have read it, but can not remember figures below 200Hz.

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Results of my last TA tuning - front should be first delayed by appr. 45 msec before I could make fine-tuning.
Seems very nice, sub and woofers are within 1ms or so no? Why did you say 3.5ms?
Did you adjust all this with C1? (If I remember you have a passive 3 way)

For the threshold around 20hz I read about 30ms is acceptable, some says much more.
I don't know what to think of this, since I can clearly hear smaller differences there.
But I now have two subs (front and rear) so it's maybe more the different summing that I hear, or something else (eq?).

About the head movement/placement, did you try TDA in different points?
I may try, just like left ear/right ear to compare to the centered point, to see the difference before I optimize it "too much".