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I know you were asking Rob, but I wouldn't touch quality autosound with a 10' pole. They are your typical $1 install shop, and although they may carry some decent stuff from time to time, I would not let them do any of the installation work. Elite Auto Salon in Colorado Springs is about the only shop that has a consistently good reputation. Some of the Car Toys aren't bad, but these vary drastically by neighborhood.
I've heard good things about PDA road gear in Littleton too. But yeah, the general rep of Q autosound is less than stellar...

There's a couple car toys I would trust, a couple best buys even, that depends on the specific installer though, and I only say this because I know a few who work for both companies who are great, and a couple who are not. Unfortunately it's hard to tell based on reviews, since the clientele here is pretty nuts sometimes, and good experiences generally get less (or no) reviews.