OK, I'm going to have a little get together at my house / shop. When I first joined this forum many years ago I went to one of Erin's GTG's and I still have friends from that event to this day. It's time for me to pay that back.

This will be THE most casual event imaginable, I'm as laid back as they come so take a day, show up and meet some other fellows with similar interests and who knows where things will go from there. This is way outside my social comfort zone, so it will be interesting. If we have just a handful of guys then I would consider it a success.

Enough chit-chat, on to important things... like info about the meet


At my house 30 minutes North of Nashville TN - PM for the address - I am not going to post it here.


Sunday: September 4, 2016 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
It's the Sunday before Labor Day, this will give people that may travel time to get here and get back. It also gives me a day after, which I will enjoy.

May get us some good bbq, or order pizza's, I can even do a little grilling if people want a burger or two.

Stuff to bring:

A friend / spouse / kids (you are responsible for kids, we have a redneck pool if they would like to swim, again; it's on you to watch them)
Your car / truck with or without anything you would want to share ( I currently have no car with anything of note installed, will have my sons MECA Street car there, I do have MANY shelves full of stuff for all of my cars... and enough stuff for 8 other cars if you would like to see that)
Some auditioning CD's or another music source
Folding chair
Drinks of choice if you need something besides Kroger water, JK, I'll get some random sodas - other stuff is up to you

Build log of shop we'll be primarily gtg'ing in...

Sons car build...

I've got all kinds of test equipment and tools if we need to dig into anything, or make something. Looking forward to it.

Will have some Sound Deadener Showdown sample packs to give away in a raffle.

Current list of attendees: (add yourself if for sure)
Name (Screenname) - Car - State if you want

1) Jason (imjustjason) - 06 Cadillac STS, 03 S10 Xtreme, 92 Typhoon - TN
2) John (imjustjohn) LOL - 15 Civic coupe - TN