I recently pulled out the boisterous TM65 for a bit of more refined upper bass/lower midrange of the $9 Jamo. They also have a better bottom end without forcing with the EQ. Right now they're paired with a set of Wavecor 2.75" that were on sale at 50% off ($39 each) for an augmented wideband approach. Counts as 2-way for now and sets my front driver cost at slightly less than $100. This setup is only temporary while I try to maximize the response before seeing where I need to bring in the ND20FA-6 in the sails. Those are still from the earlier purchase of around $10 each. So far so good and that will bring my 3-way tally up to around $120 ($150 shipped if you want to be realistic about full expense). I think that will be hard to beat by my own standards considering what I'm getting out of them so far. Would be even cheaper if I could get the TC9 to fit.