Hello Everyone,

I will be performing a interesting comparison between the following 6.5" component sets:

Massive Audio ZK6
Rainbow SL-C6.2
Helix E62C.2
Hertz HSK165
Morel Tempo Ultra 602

My test bench consists of the following:

Source: Kenwood KDC-X997
Amplifier: EFX 250C2 (100X2 @ 4 ohms, and 125X2 @ 2 ohms)

I am not the best writer so be easy on me! I have always been wanting to do a comparison between some of the lower priced tier components and some of the mid level priced components. It will be intriguing to see how they stack up to each other. I will be performing on axis and off axis evaluations of all the speakers and provide a detailed description of the sound signature of each set. I will also be using an rta to measure each set and will post the results. Just for fun I am going to do a blind a and b comparison. I will have one set on one channel of the amplifier and vice versa (our ears do not lie). By doing this I am trying to ultimately decide which set stands out the best. Some of the product is still being shipped to me from all parts of the world. I predict it will be 1-2 weeks before I have all the product and everything setup. Feel free to ask any questions as I will do my best to answer them to the best of my ability. If anybody is local to me I am more than happy to audition all the sets (from what I recall I do not think this mixture has ever been done before).