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Exactly. I dont understand why this is so hard for some to grasp. It has been PROVEN MANY MANY MANY times over, (not only with cables but with amplifiers also.) PROVEN. If it measures the same, it sounds the same.
It really hasn't been proven, because the people that pose the tests really have little to no experience with anything other than their test samples and subjects.

Not only that, but these assumptions are a little naive. To assume that everything that measures the same sounds likewise is to basically negate the millions that observe the difference (and have done so) for years. So if you want to replace millions of consumers with a few thousand tests that predisposed to a certain result, that's up to you.

No one has ever been able to tell the difference in a double blind test.
You people still think this? This myth has been zapped for years. It's still clung to because there hasn't been a sanctioned white paper to prove otherwise, but oh yes, it's done.