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Good grief B5, with the tone of this message in public no less, I would hope that if I ever paid for something from you that it better be shipped the same day I pay and overnighted to arrive at 10:30am the next day. Oh, and you better include this shipping with the price I pay for the item.

For crying out loud dude, TRUST ME, your life and your money is not so damn important that it warrants calling someone out like this in public. It's folks like you that I won't sell to if I sense that you're just going to be a spoiled liberal democrat about everything.

Next time, go spend some time in your safe space before you blast someone for being a few days behind on shipping something. Maybe that will calm you down enough and remind you that it's just not that big of a deal. Show people some grace for once in your life. Maybe then you won't be so damn miserable.

I for one, think you owe Emi90 an apology for calling him out like this in public. I don't know Emi90 from Adam but I would bet that you don't offer the same kind of service that you are demanding from others. Just think about that a little and ask yourself if doing that to him actually did a bit of good.

Oh, and how does it feel to be called out in public? It doesn't feel good does it?

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I love how you butt in based on 1 post without knowing the whole story or situation and show the everyone just what an a** you truly are. First off, I've done deals with him before which is why I thought I knew what to expect. So I contacted him on Saturday 12/03/16 to inquire about price and when he would be able to ship the amp. He tells me he can ship it Thursday 12/08/16 and I agree to his price. So up until this point, he has set the expectation, not me. I pay on Sunday 12/04/16 and he acknowledges he got the payment. Cool so now I just need to sit back until Thursday when he says he can ship. Thursday night I sent a PM to inquire if it got shipped or not. The next day he replies back apologizing for the delay and says he's out of town & will ship it out Saturday 12/10/16. So Saturday passes & now Sunday is here and I get an email saying "Sorry for delay, yes your package was picked by USPS I will send the tracking number tomorrow thanks ." Again, this is the seller setting the expectation that it has shipped and he will send me the tracking the next day. Cool, I can deal with that. Sunday passes and so Monday I send a reply email just as a friendly reminder to please not forget to send me a tracking number. Tuesday is now here, have not heard anything from the seller via PM or email. So in a bit of frustration I post what you are now b*tching about since the seller has not responded almost a week and a half after he's been paid. Was it the best post, no, but all of a sudden I get an email that day with a picture of a receipt showing it has been shipped that day (Tues 12/13/16) in a Medium Flat Rate box which the dimensions are actually smaller than the amp dimensions. It is the seller, NOT the buyer that sets the expectation on when an item will ship. As a buyer, you pay and then hope you get what you paid for as I just paid a complete stranger my hard earned money that I worked for via PayPal Family & Friends per the seller's requests so he doesn't have to pay any fees, unlike you RVA_LVER living off welfare. There is no protection for me as the buyer should the seller decide to take my money and run then string me along telling me my item is going to ship. Bottom line is when I sell something, if I tell you I'm going to ship that day I do it. I do what I say and I say what I mean. In fact the amp arrived, it did not work 100%, I told the seller I would send it back to him that same day and I did. Sent him an email with the receipt and tracking number. Between strangers, all you have is your word and I keep mine so I would expect someone else to do that same.