But enewayz

So...your getting clipping also. Earplugs. How high up do you have the level in Dirac ?

Yes a louder sweep will get a better tune but you shouldn't need earplugs .

On mine mic gain at 0 and gain at -35db is pretty loud and gains on my amps are all the way down and nothing boosted in the minis. It's loud but shouldn't be ear piercing.

When it's doing sweeps the window at the bottom that shows the sweep should have the magnitude filling as much of the box as possible, once it hits the ceiling it gets red lines in it saying clipping.

All I was saying is it makes a better tune if the box isn't have a itty bitty magnitude that takes up a inci binci little part of the window .

I was definitely getting amp clipping because the magnitude was still very small and it would go red instantly and I could hear a lot of 3khz distortion in right horn .

Pos warned me about inverse filters being hard on drivers. I think I get what he meant now.
It's like the signal level needs to be as close to 0dbfs as possible so you don't loose gain on output from having to turn everything down in the target settings and filter making. So a very good gain structure needs to be implemented that has all the drivers as close to perfect as possible. Like doing a sweep with a horn gain that is too low will cause it to have to use boost and some of that boost in the inverse can be damaging to drivers.

I'll try to find the post he made talking about it over on diy