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How is that scarcastic?

At the top of your earlier post, you addressed me as "Lazy123"
--not Izay123, as my screen name is on here...

(I guess my attempt at a funny comeback to your adaptation of my screen name flopped) Sorry. I wasn't really fired up about that--I Was just attempting to respond in kind..

Man you get all fired up any time someone talks to you.

You remind me of me about 5years ago but gosh dam. Just because I was talking to you doesn't make what you said wrong. I was explaining that tuning at FS probably isn't The best idea and making a point that would help you. Trying to be friendly of course but whatever , I can't stop you from going crazy with yourself .

And I'm not an asshole I'm a "fir snob" .

I think I'll avoid talking to you from here on out or until you can intellectualize without taking others comments as a personal attack.

I'm usually good at intellectual convos without taking offense, & we can do that in the future: I am undoubtedly more on edge talking to you because our a big part of our exchanges have resulted in misunderstanding.

When you say thinks like "other folks" and than bring up something that "other folks" just talked about in a previous post and than trample on it and try to one up everyone you'll loose respect. Fast . Believe me I learned the hard way and am just trying to help you.

But it's all good I can avoid you if you don't want to talk. Just avoid the threads I post in and there shouldn't be any issues.

I'm not upset; & as long as I don't have to try to determine sarcasm or joking from seriousness, I think we could get along just fine. Honestly

Nonlinear group delay? That's a new term to me. Either phase is flat or not group delay is non linear in a matter strictly of the time domain so it's a double negative. So please enlighten us.
Non linear GD was the only term I could think of to describe a Peak in the Gd with the GD absolute value varying with frequency. To me, that's non linear GD...

I don't understand how a peak in group delay where the ms delayed varies with frequency could be nullified by simple time alignment--IMO When the Group delay of a speaker output has no more than 3-4 milliseconds difference between any two points in the Subwoofer's passband, IMO it tunes easier & sounds better.

IMO m Ported subs often have 20-30ms GD spiking at ported freq. It seems non linear to me--But I don't care if we call it different things, as long as we each put in effort to be friendly, like you have been, & im aiming for now...

I guess we miscommunicated a couple times there.. that's all I meant by non linear GD & also how a crossover looks like it has a bigger impact on the delay the closer it is to where the speaker plays.