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Thanks. GLWS. Just got one myself. Looks like a solid amp. Also made in Italy at the same GT build house as Mosconi as I understand it.
Not the same company. This takes nothing away from Mosconi. It's in the same town and may even have some of the same employees, but not the same as GT Trading which made the original STEG products as well as the GT-28, GT-42, & GT-50 for Boston. STEG is still is business but not with the original founder who did the work for Boston and is long gone.

This part of Italy is noted for electronics products. There are many, many small companies in this region that share suppliers, family ties, and employees that bounce around between them. You can even have direct competitors next door to each other.

That said, the GT-42 is a beast and stable in bridge mode to 2-ohms.