these are vintage and at the time of release they were high end but high priced and didnt sell well because they were not marketed worth a dang. but the sound excellent.

Dual mono design with dual power supplies and liquid cooling. Can play Channel A or B or its a 2 channel amp or a 4 channel amp . 105 rms x 2 @ 8ohm CLASS A goodness. aldo has two different inputs AC or DC supposedly you pic DC unless there is a noise issue. These amps are not your standard run of the mill amps. google them these are better than many amps out there.

I have 2 of them. 1 is mint. 1 is not so mint. both work.

The DA-A30 was the best of the home audio they made. after this they went cheap rack systems until they just quit making it all together. I replaced a 200rms amp that was respected as a good sounding amp with one of these and I liked these better. only selling cause I got a deal on something that was too good to pass up.

Mint amp $225 plus shipping
scratched amp $150 plus shipping.