Just got your email...I'm at work for the rest of the night so it's hard to respond.

The problem with the L-port is that you don't have enough room behind the subs for it. With a taller enclosure you might be able to run it underneath the subs and out of the top or side of the enclosure, but I don't have any design software and doing it by hand is a PITA, lol.

The larger you make the internal volume of the enclosure the shorter the port can be for the same tuning, so ideally you want to go as big as you can to keep the port from taking up such a large volume.

Sorry i can't be of more help. I'm not really looking for money or anything, just thought I'd throw out a simple design idea if you just needed a little guidance. I know there are enclosure designers out there that would be happy to make one with a cut-list and all for $20, but I don't have any recommendations. Good luck!