I was planning to upgrade my processor and have finally decided to buy either APL1 or 1012. Already in conversation with Raimonds on the purchase.

I am in two minds...whether I should buy 3 units of Apl-1 or 1xAPL1012.

3xApl1 should give me more freedom of use. My existing processor is alpine pxa-h800 which can do active 3 way front+ sub and also multichannel 5.1 surround (2way front/centre/rear/sub)

Having three units of Apl-1 will give me 06 channels of analogue input and 6 on output. They can used in multichanel surround system also. 3xApl can be placed between pxa-h800 and the amps.

Similarly I can use them in my HT also for testing the differnce in sq. At least front/center/sub and a pair of surround out from my Av-processor can be processed for eq with Apl-1.

My current car setup is 3way active front + sub setup.
1xApl1 can be used for mid range + tweeter (with passive crossover)
1xApl1 can be used for midbass
1×Apl1 for sub (or rears if I add later)
All 3 units can be placed between my existing dsp and amps. Crossover and Ta can be managed from the dsp.

1xAPL-1012 will give more control in a 3way active front + sub+rears.

Considing the flexibbility 3xapl1 will provide, will Apl-1012 provide any major noticeable benefits in sq?

Pls help me in deciding.


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