1) Jason (imjustjason) - some cars - TN
2) John (imjustjohn) - 15 Civic coupe - TN
3) Jeff (CBS13WRX) - 17 VW Jetta - TN
4) Erin (ErinH) - 2006 Civic Sedan - AL
5) Michael (Audiophile25) - 2016 Scion iM - TN
6) Chris (Hillbilly SQ) - 2014 Grand Cherokee - AR

I could have made it last year but was too depressed to make the trip after what happened to the Jeep. It still sounded the same and was safe to drive. Just looked like hell on the back end and had an exhaust tip bound up and sounding like a fart cannon. I've had to miss the first two of these because of stuff that happened at work and if I miss the third because of work I'm just gonna quit trying!