Looking back earlier this year in May I found myself frustrated with the front stage in my truck. I had just completed a new box build for my Q 15 substage and had it dialed for my listening taste, however my front stage was not keeping up in clarity or output. I expect a lot out of my audio gear and want the best blend in output and clarity with the ability to hear the dynamics of music including all the small nuances.

Back in early July I saw an instagram post from Nick at Stereo Integrity looking for reviewers of the soon to be released TM65 mkIII mid/midbass and decided to send in an email. About a month later I got a call one evening from Nick saying he received my email and asked if I wanted to test out the new TM65ís, without hesitation, I said absolutley! I was very excited for the opportunity and wondered if this would be the front stage solution I was looking for.

The front stage I have been running this year includes Fi N.7 mid/midbass mounted in the doors of my Escalade EXT, SSA Evil silk dome tweeters molded into my A-pillars running active off a Incriminator Audio 6.4 while being controlled by an MS-8. This front stage has solid midbass and good overall output but struggled with clarity and resonance in the male vocal range. I attribute this resonance at a minimum to the lack of stitched tinsel leads in the N.7s.

When Fedex dropped of the Stereo Integrity TM65 mkIIIís I went to work right away installing them, I couldnít wait to have a first listenÖ

I ran a 24db filter at 80hz for my high pass and 24db filter at 2500 for low pass, my tweeter was also at a 24 db filter at 2500 high pass. I put my graphic EQ to flat and let them rip!

My listening choices included a variety of genres to span different dynamics, songs included:

- Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
- Thomas Rhett: Anthem
- Santana: Smooth
- AC/DC: Thunderstruck
- Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Starting Somethingí
- Snoop Dogg: Murder Was the Case
- The Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar
- Twenty One Pilots: Ride
- Mat Kearney: Money

Wow, talk about a speaker that does it all! Clarity, midbass, output and awesomeness playing out of these beauties. These are definitely the solution to my front stage blues, they covered all of the dynamics of music I listen too with ease while providing the output to level match my powerful substage. My front stage frustration has been eliminated! Thank you Stereo Integrity! I will 100% be placing my pre-order for these!

Now the hardest part is I have to send them on to others to test, canít wait until the new TM65 mkIIIís are released. Thank you Nick for the chance to review them.

I'm happy to share more details if anyone wants to PM me.