Out of sheer curiosity I got around to hooking up the HDMI connection, ran a cable to the center console. I plugged in a mini-media player that has USB/SD inputs along with an HDMI output. The Alpine gave me an error message that stated "Video Not Supported". Called Alpine and they said that I was most likely getting that message due to the resolution output of the media player being to high, the Alpine supports 480P at max.

Grabbed a Sony home blu-ray player and plugged it in to the Alpine, works just fine. It sees the Alpine as monitor.

The HDMI input is marketed as a smartphone connection, which works, as I have a USB-C to HDMI adapter for my phone. Everything is mirrored on the radio.

Still gonna do some research on finding a mini-media player that will plug in to the Alpine and work. The Alpine's USB is very limited to DIVX files only.