One of the very few gripes I had about this Alpine was its limited file playback abilities, no FLAC support and only Divx on the video files. I tried various portable media players through the HDMI port, only to run into issues with them only supporting down to 720P, the Alpine needs 480p to display anything.

Decided to try one of the Android 7.1 TV units, works perfectly! You can have it auto resolution or plug in whatever you need from 480p up to 4K. These boxes come loaded with apps very similar to what you would find on a phone or tablet. Just about any file type you throw at it, it will play. To use it in the car, I just had to get a USB to 5V/2A plug and a USB car charger unit. Comes with its own remote, can use BT mouse/keyboard or plug them directly into the 2 usb ports on the side. Has an HDMI, Network, Optical, and A/V ports on the back.

Not bad for $30