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Sure, subs do break in. I've seen this on the Dayton Audio DATS and data doesn't lie. QTS will drop a good bit and so does FS. Your suspension is stiffer out of the box and loosens up. But part of it is also you getting used to it as well.

Either way I'm happy you're happy
How long did/does/should/might it take? I understand that a spider is likely to be comparatively stiff out of the box. What I don't understand is how a spider might gradually loosen up in the course of weeks or months of day-to-day use ...yet I'm at a loss as to what else might account for the seemingly improved LFE of my HF 15s (on Crown XLS 1502). While I accept that it could be nothing more than psychoacoustics, it sure as heck doesn't seem like that is the case.