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For rear fill, you need to mix the left and right inputs together into a mono signal, with one of the inputs polarity inverted.

So, Left + and Right - mixed to the left rear speaker.

Then, Right + and Left - going to the right rear speaker.

Doing this will phase cancel any of the center stage information from the audio signal, leaving only the far left and right stage sounds.

Then you will need a ton of delay. More than 30 ms is a good start.

I don’t know if the APL 1012 is capable of doing a proper L-R, R-L mixed mono output?

Worst case, you can do this with a little miniDSP box for $200.

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Isn’t tjat the same as hooking up just the positives of a 2ch amp to a speaker?
Like echoing backgrounds, or is that what hanatsu is saying quadraphonic

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Can always physically connect speakers in 70’s fashion ”quadrophonic mode”. I’ve done it without mono mixing before, I swapped channels and inverted one. Can’t think of a good way of doing it on this DSP.

I’m going with the ”signal difference” thing. Psuedo rear ambience or whatever it’s called

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