OK, I'm still planning to have this get together this year. We are building a new house and I'm not sure if we'll have this at the new place or the old, but WE WILL HAVE IT. I'm not sure if I'll have time to put a give away together or not, but everything else will be the same.

Hopefully Tim will make it out with his Culbertson Cup winning truck and Kirk can make it with his first ever Alma Gates Cup winning Cadillac.

Same story as all the past gtg's, this will be a super laid back, hang out, simple, and fun day of getting together and talking some bs while maybe listening to a few cars. Had a good turnout last year, everyone was respectful and courteous. Hope to carry on the same way this year. I will have the same BBQ as last year, it was pretty popular.

So, let's do it and have some fun....


At my house, not sure which one, 30 minutes North of Nashville TN, both houses are a mile apart - PM for the address


Sunday: September 1, 2018 (the day before Labor Day, as usual) from whenever to whenever, people usually come and go all hours.
We will eat lunch around noonish and dinner around 6ish (dinner is whatever is leftover from lunch, or we can get pizza or sammichs if needed)


Perry's Smokey Pig BBQ, same as what I had last year, and all of the other sides the wife gathered. Yes, she will make that banana pudding cake thing she made last year, like I always say, if she doesn't come to her senses and leave me before then.

Stuff to bring:

A friend / spouse / kids (on you to watch them)
Your Car / truck, with or without anything, you would want to share
Some auditioning CD's or another music source
Folding chair
Any drink harder than common sodas and water

Current list of attendees: (add yourself if for sure)
Name (Screenname) - Car - State if you want

1) Jason (imjustjason) - some cars - TN