So in an interested design twist, the engineers moved away from the 6.5" drivers in the knee panel location on the the older JK version of the jeep, and now I have to deal with 4"s in there, and 3"'s in the dash location.

But there's a kicker. the knee panel enclosures, and the soundbar, are ported designs. The sound engineers did a really good job in working with the space they had to move the most air.

I've got the Alpine upgraded system, with sub, and honestly for a factory system I'm pretty impressed. But it can be better.

I'm tempted to put HAT L3SEs in the dash as the widebanders but I'm unsure of what is out there for a good 4" driver that can really fit the midbass-midrange responses..i know, i know..midbass from a 4..right.

So ultimately I may go carving up the soundbar to fit either a 6x9 or 6.5 driver, but I really want good response upfront, down low if that makes sense. I'm more used to melding the midbass from my MW182 in my CTS-V with the Sundown SD3 in the rear and using time delay to really make it seemless. The jeep is a different story, and different sound stage.

I get it, it's a jeep and i'm not looking to compete with it. But I do want to make it sound as best as I can with the factory setup that is there (ported).

What works well in the 4" range in a ported application?