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I don't see how you can fit a ported box in there. There is just no extra room in these things. I mean don't get me wrong, I love the hell out of a Lotus Elise, but I cannot imagine putting a ported 10 in one.

Sealed for the 10TW3 is 0.4, ported is 0.6 plus the port (which is large as are all low-tuned small boxes) adding up to the size of a .8 cube sealed box. Seriously JL recommends a 30"x"15"x5". That's not a small box.

I don't have any suggestions, but if you can prove me wrong, I'd love to see it. Could be an epic thrill-machine.
The passenger foot area is where tool boxes normally go, and a wedge in there is more comfortable.
A 6-1/2 in some ported engclosure would fit.

But at some point a noise measurement would tell the OP what they are up against.