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Sometime the advice is not what one wants to hear?

There are 3 problems:
1) Noise (Is your 'year model' quiet?), most I have been in have been more sports oriented, and noisy.
2) room
3) electrical power.

If the noise level is pushing over 100dB, then it is hard to get much sound to overpower the noise. Does it have an after market exhaust?

Here is the advice:
Knowing how much SPL you want, and how much noise power, is where I would start.

Is there room in the side sills? What is in those long sections behind/underneath the speaker panel?
Yes, I've considered all these things. Rather than cluttering up the post with the whole history, though, I was trying to focus on the current questions. I've found that explaining every option and my whole line of thinking in the top post usually nets no replies because it's simply too much to read. Generally, I think it's most useful to ask a clear question without extraneous info. If it's important to know, though, here's the rundown:

- The car is a 2005 Touring model with the stock exhaust (read - as quiet as can be expected).
- I have the "touring" soft top (also as quiet an option as exists).
- I will be using sensible sound deadening (cld on back wall and floor at 40% coverage, ccf and mlv in same locations at 100% coverage).

Yes, an Elise is a noisy car by nature. But they can be made liveable. I'm taking all the necessary steps to reduce noise as a part of the system design.
I've done several installs before and enjoy the fact that every car is different. With this one, the big challenge is space. There is almost no room for anything and I'm not willing to give up any useability. That means everything needs to be small and lightweight.

Maybe for the car after this I'll go to a Suburban or something where I can not have to care so much about every cubic inch.