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haha yeah i get the spending others money. and yeah i agree about the waste in dsp at that section. but here's the thing. I've ended up at this junction because i want to keep the factory HU. so at minimum looking at say a Lc7i to convert the signals to flat and kill the factory bass roll off. and started going down the road of added utility and sound quality upgrade a DSP unit would add to that function. and hence the audio control D-4.800 and greater came into consideration. along with the JL fix etc.

i guess the real question is, can you suggest a better value option that will be on par with or better than audiocontrol solution. maybe a standalone dps i'm overlooking and a comparable amp. or the JL vxi series?

i'm not opposed to running a 6ch active if that's my best solution assuming all that power up front isn't overkill. and i can address the rear as an option etc
why do you want to run 3 hybrid/active vs 2 way active? More speakers is not always better sound.

I have an 18 crosstrek with a 6x9 in the door and a tweeter in the dash and a Helix DSP. Its not perfect yet, but it sounds pretty good. I personally think if i added a mid and made it 3 way i would take a step back in SQ, and it would be better to spend the time and money on the tune at this point. Unless i was going to go to pillar pods for the mids and tweets. Which i don't think you are doing are you?

run 2 way active and plan on DSP'ing your rears and if that doesn't do it for you after a year or so then think about 3 way.

Also, running 6x9 and tweeter on passives and shoehorning a mid into the mix is a recipe for crappy sound.