Welcome all to a new build. This time around I will be ruining a perfectly fine 1993 Mercedes Benz 300TE wagon. She's got 280k miles on the clock (that's 448,000 kilometers for your weirdos). I've had the car for going on a year now and the stereo has never worked. I'm tired of driving around with headphones plus I'm sitting on all this gear anyway, so it's time to stop being lazy.

My old build was (lost due to rust):
The '84 BMW E28 Lightweight System w/ 15" IB

I loved my old build. I've learned so much, met some awesome people at two NCSQ events I was fortunate to attend, sat in some awesome sound demos, and have also furthered my personal home audio journey quite a bit in the last few years.
I have to admit that the system in the beemer never quite sounded good. For the new build I want more midbass.