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Well the reason Im saying is so many of my Super high end home audio guys are going more and more to powered studio monitors. Eggleston and Wilson speakers are being replace with M2s (all the rage and changed my whole perspective of home playback). A Guy that had Harbeth are using Amphion studio monitors, another with Sonus Faber Extremas he worships are sharing time with JBL 708 monitors.

Things are shifting very quickly in high end home audio.
I really think some of the speakers you mentioned switching from are more impressive for their cost than their audio playback acumen but my Wilson exposure is limited but what I have heard left me questioning people’s sanity. I’ve heard the JBL M2s and they are impressive though definitely need a sub when pushed. And the 708Ps are a nice smaller speaker. Also heard the JBL 4722s (with upgraded comp driver) and they were effortless in a med size home theater room, which makes sense since they were designed for an actual theater.

I build large home theater subwoofers and I am constantly annoyed how poorly some sound engineers neuter or wreck the low frequency extension on movie soundtracks.