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Well the reason Im saying is so many of my Super high end home audio guys are going more and more to powered studio monitors. Eggleston and Wilson speakers are being replace with M2s (all the rage and changed my whole perspective of home playback). A Guy that had Harbeth are using Amphion studio monitors, another with Sonus Faber Extremas he worships are sharing time with JBL 708 monitors.

Things are shifting very quickly in high end home audio.
No offense but the speakers you mentioned (minus amphion), I donít know any engineers using them (and amphions, kinda a passing fad it seems in studios but Iím not sure. I heard them once and they were pleasant, like way too soft sounding for mixing, but maybe it was the amphion class D amp). Ironically a lot of high end engineers are more toward hifi companies than ďstudio monitorĒ companies. Examples - ATC, ProAc, B&W, PMC, NS10 is a home bookshelf speaker, etc... Not to say that there arenít guys on stuff like Barefoots (DSPíd to death Iím my opinion. Sounds like what chromatic aberration looks like.. but I digress). Iím more for old school solid science generally than odd new tech. Doing it right takes longer. Having a good sounding room is more effort than getting speakers that promise to only radiate sound forward and such, but so far Iíve not liked overly complex science thatís often a bandaid for just doing the old way really really well.