Quick update:
Confirmed that the door pods hold 6.5" mids.
I'm still leaning towards dual 12" B&C drivers as midbass and subs.
The dash holds up to 4.5"

Since I'd like very powerful midbass, I'm thinking about letting the dual 12s (right behind the front seats) play as high as 250 hz or so. My amp's 5th channel is mono though.
If I did that, the 6.5" door mids don't need to play low at all, only about 250 hz and up.

My headunit's DSP is the limiting factor here.
In network mode, I can only high-pass the front dash speakers as low as 1.6k and the door mids can't low-pass any lower than 1.25k

The NVX JAD900.5 also does have some filters though, and I could also run the deh80-prs in standard mode while retaining time-alignment. Standard mode lets the user high- and low-pass the speakers a little differently.

I remembered that I do have some 6.5" Infinity Kappas, the carbon ones. They sound decent enough to give them a try before actually spending money on different mids.
If the door mids are band-passed from, say 300 hz to 1.25k, that leaves the dash speakers to pick up from 1.6k or so and up.
At that point, the dash speaker options are:

-NVX XSPTW tweeters (SB29) from 1.8 or 2.0k and up
-a Vifa 4" coaxial with passive crossover
-a decent 3" full ranger
-a decent 2" full ranger

Vifa 4" coax (Thanks to Chithead!):

NVX tweetersaurusrex (SB29):

I want to try the NVX tweeters first, because they're so awesome, flat and dynamic. Another pro would be simiplicity, not having to use a passive crossover at all.
BUT If I did the Vifa 4" coaxes, I could high pass them a lot lower than the NVX tweets, helping elevate the soundstage up front. Designing the passive crossover for the coaxes is easy and I've got all the components on hands. I would, however, lose control over the two individual drivers as far as level, xo point, eq. All that would have to be sorted via passive components and may require a bunch of back and forth until it sound right in the car.
Food for thought.
Btw just baked some thick cut, smoked bacon. Kraut likes his meat (no homo) lol