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If you were to get a preset as close to possible to the loudness function, strictly for low volume but impactful music what frequencies might you be boosting/attenuating? Would you adjust crossovers so maybe the midbass plays lower and the sub carries less of the bass needs?
Take a look at the curves in the link I posted. I'd boost 20-100hz (more boost at 20hz than at 100hz), then maybe boost about 5khz and up. If you have a subsonic filter set, start with whatever that frequency is, there isn't much content down to 20hz at all, so you could start with 30hz, or even 40hz

The curves show how high the SPL needs to be at each frequency to be perceived as sounding the same volume. Notice how much more of a curve there is in the curves lower in the chart? That means that the quieter the music, the more boost you need in the low and high end to make it sound balanced, as you increase the volume, less boost is needed. I'd try by just focusing on the bass at first, and boost the highs if you feel you need to.