Gentlemen, it been a long road in this car audio game. Seems like every time I amass my components, the vehicle it’s intended for goes to hell mechanically. And I’m a recent immigrant to Alabama (from Virginia) and come to discover you BETTER be good at working on your own engine here, cuz the people are morons. Don’t EVER take it to a mechanic here... you’ll be lucky if they don’t just loose your keys. Or worse... they blow your system while in their care, misinstall and ruin a new engine and he existing transmission...AND loose the keys. Then want $100 tow fee begore giving it back. Can’t even script this sh-....

So..///I’ve once again got my metaphorical ducks in a row, and about ready to jack this 1996 Toyota Camry (what I’ve downgraded to from a new Ranger Wildtrack at this point, thanks to mechanics) up in stands and start stringin’. Given recent experiences../:what I’d like to do, is have the subwoofer enclosure REMOVEABLE. Same goes for the amplifiers, powered crossover, and aux fuse panel. If it goes to hell or MUST ago to a shop, I can just unhook them and jerk em out in 10 minutes. Money is so tight that I’m concerned where my next meal is comming from thanks to these idiots.... but I know I need to have somthing other than work to do with myself or go crazy. So it’s this. Finishing what I started 2 years ago.

I know they make quick disconnects specifically for car audio, and I haven’t the money, obviously. What I DO have in my shop are several 220v 20A sockets and plugs. It would be awesome to just have a socket I could plug into in the trunk, and have it cleanly installed with a faceplate beside where I’ve done the same thing with the RCA’s from the headunit. A nice flush surface mounted outlet with spring loaded cover.

I just don’t know how save it is. I mean, from what I can tell, [email protected] can provide a rated max of 4400w. That’s probably double what I’ll be drawing. At car voltage (we’ll say 14v), a system fused at 200A will only be making 2800watts.

Is it feasible? Or will I blow my beater all to hell? FYI, do have second battery if I need it, and big 3 already done