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All it is, is a connector and it isn't fused. So I don't see why not. You'll only use the pos and neg on the plug and not the ground. If the connection isn't very tight you may need to see about securing it so it doesn't vibrate loose.
What I was thinking. Mathematically it looks sound. Wasn’t just looking for a yes man, but someone to peer-check,you might say. I’ll see what anyone else has to say.

Well.... those that read my whole post, and aren’t just working for some supplier. Amazing how you’ll post you don’t know where your next meal is comming from....but they want you to pay for some product specifically advertised for the job. Pay with what? Food stamps? Maybe they live in alabama, too.....

Would probably faint if they saw my stack of fan-cooled XBox PSU’s, powering two Memphis 15’s on a couple Sony 1200s in my living room. Enough to walk a glass of Water across the coffee table watching Thin Red Line.

Probably have the geek squad go inside their laptops for them, at whatever the cost.

<shakes his head at men today>