So I took a crack at the doors today, everything went really well. Removing and reinstalling the door panels was a breeze. The Infinity Kappa 60.11cs woofers I had laying around fit into the stock door pods like a glove.

Once I identified the factory speaker wires' colors, I traced them the foot wells under the floor mats. I simply soldered my speaker wires to the factory wires in a convenient spot, heat shrinked over everything and tucked them back into the plastic cable channel.
I really REALLY didn't feel like snaking the aftermarket wire through the door jambs, so I did it quick and dirty for now.
Just look at that OEM nylon braiding (tech flex) around the speakers wires... beautifus.

No pic of it soldered, but it is.

On to the door pods.

Once on the bench, mandatory old vs. new shots:

Old is paper cone, pretty stiff suspension, pretty hefty magnet actually, stamped steel frame, 2 Ohm and unknown power handing. Perhaps around 30 to 40 watts on a good day?
Looking at the speakers, I had to admit to myself that the old mids looked like they would sound better, more natural than the Infinities.
The Kappas are 'carbon fiber' cones, even stiffer suspension, composite basket (weak and bendy), similar size magnet, also 2 Ohm but 90 watts rms. I know these aren't the greatest mids, but it's what I have on hand right now. The NVX amp will be feeding them with 110 watts on tap at 2 Ohm.
As soon as funds allow, I may spring for a set of Silver Flutes.
The mission right now is to get everything hooked up with spending as little moneys as possible.

The Kappas are a great fit for the door pod opening. I had tp trim the plastic ears of the drivers, no big deal. I made a new gasket out of Ensolite:

Drilled new holes and installed the new mids with stainless screws.

The factory hardware back in its spot so it doesn't get lost:

Everything's reinstalled and I confirmed that both new door speakers work using a home audio amp, because the new deck and amp aren't wired up yet.