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<prays for patience>

220v outlet rated for 20A.... equals a max of, What? 4400watts! The point being that Iím not using anywhere near hat much.

Youíll have to excuse me. I leave out all the simple 1+2ís when Iím brainstorming in calculus, too. I Take it for granted that everyone in the room can keep up.

Why I rarely ever post here. I spend hours replying to people about stuff thatís not even relevant to the question/verification I had. Look how many people have posted product links when half my original post described how the LOCAL idiots have left me F****** Broke! Ever specifically mentioned the SAME disconnects you all keep linking. What am I supposed to do, call up the ebay seller and promise him a BJ on credit?

Jesus Christ. Someone posted the address for this forum in a remedial middle school somewhere.

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I think you need some weed...