And dude, realize youíre not alone man. Here is a post from a few years ago when a member, who was a doctor, was dealing with a lot with the job and financially. Yes he may not have been wondering where the next meal was but the pressure and feeling is no less crushing. And he persevered and made it through and is doing better now.

And Iíve struggled the past few years as Iíve tried to start a new business. Incredibly stressful and times when I wondered how the hell Iíd pay certain bills, including groceries, but I kept plugging away and itís better now; still a struggle but better.

Hope you can find something youíd like to do and start doing it but the reality is you just need to move forward as best you can and try to gain momentum so that youíre moving forward without a constant struggle or push. It wonít be easy but Iím confident anyone can do it, whatever it is, if they put their mind to it and just keep pushing