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Haha yea, that's kinda the mindset I have. I won't know what I'm missing out on if I never experience it :P And sound is just way too subjective that makes it difficult to compare. I just wasn't sure if there's actually like clear differences between grades of amps. Like with studio monitors I definitely feel the basis KRK Rokits just aren't as clear as say Yamaha HS, and then you can step up to even more expensive stuff (at diminishing returns). Also w/ guitar amps, your tubes would really impact the tone, but it doesn't seem like that effect is as prominent with car amps.
Yeah with amps you quickly reach the point of diminishing returns. A fullrange D amp seems to be a lot easier to not get quite right on the design too when a company is trying to meet a VERY low price point. While I gave the Soundstream Picasso Nano 4ch a good review on here I did so knowing it was a VERY inexpensive and compact class D amp. If I would have paid $300 or more for this amp (paid $80 shipped brand new) I woulda been beyond pissed at how it sounded but for the price point it performed quite well to my ears. Once you get into amps that are designed well and made with quality parts the general opinion is that you're chasing fractions of a percent for improvement going beyond that and most of those improvements are purely subjective. No way would I put Genesis, Revelation, Sinfoni, Mosconi Zero, or any other ridiculously expensive amps in my single cab truck that will probably never compete (unless it's a one comp and done just for fun) while making a blue collar paycheck. I won't even go into my rant about people who go into big debt because they bought way above their raisin'.