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No need to apologize. Youíre above and beyond what most of the rest of us are doing for this forum/community.

SDS is best but no longer available, correct? So for now itís dynamat extreme (or maybe kolossus? Have to check availability) until the new testing is out? ... I have a 2010 Accord V6. Not the smallest car, also not the most cheaply assembled per say. Wouldnít say itís on the extremely noisy end (but Iím also newb to car audio).
From the old testing, yes. I would probably go with either of those two. Though, Kolossus is more likely to fail (not that it will) in areas with high temperatures.

You might also consider Resonix. It hasn't been tested yet, but I've been talking with Nick throughout his process of developing the brand/selecting products and rolling the dice on his new CLD is likely a risk I would be willing to take.