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From the old testing, yes. I would probably go with either of those two. Though, Kolossus is more likely to fail (not that it will) in areas with high temperatures.

You might also consider Resonix. It hasn't been tested yet, but I've been talking with Nick throughout his process of developing the brand/selecting products and rolling the dice on his new CLD is likely a risk I would be willing to take.

I will vouch for Kolossus and say that temps are NOT going to be a concern with that product. I'm in Vegas, it gets hot as balls here, and I've put Knu in most of my builds for years now. I've even installed the stuff on the underside of a panel (so, exposed to the elements and exhaust heat) in the case of a trunk floor on a Durango, and 3 years later it looks exactly like it did prior.

That said:

I like Nick, I like what he does for us, and my next CLD purchase will probably be his product just because he's a cool dude and he gets my support. And he has nice foams coming so that's something Knu never focused on.